Shojukempo International Martial Arts Association USA HQ. USA

Meet Our Staff

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We would like to introduce our staff.

Prof. Larry S.L. Martin 10th Dan


President, founder Ceo of Shojukempo International
Prof. Larry S.L. Martin Chief Instructor:
10th Dan Shoju-kempo ryu
9th Dan Karazenpo Go Shin Jitsu
7th Dan Kajukenpo
5th level Black Sash Bok Lum Pai
5th Dan Aikijujitsu
3rd Dan Moo Duk Kwon Taekwon-do
2nd Dan Aikido
1st Dan Goju-Kan Karate-do, Kyokushinkai Karate-do


Renshi Jeramy E. Martin - Devlin 5th Dan Shoju-kempo ryu with 17 yrs. of Martial Arts knowledge in Shotokan Karaye-do and Okinawan / Hawaiian Kempo. he has trained under his father since he was 2 yrs. old!


Sensai Richard Briehof Jr. 3rd Dan in Shoju-kempo ryu, he started at the of 16 yrs. old under Hanshi Larry S.L. Martin.


Sempai Allison Duquette a former Kenpo student of Davis Kenpo. she has been training with Hanshi Martin for 5 yrs.


Sempai Paul Connelly a former Taekwon-do student under Sensei David Carbone and He ill Cho. Semapai Connelly still traines in TKD. but, likes the training in Kempo & Shotokan Karate-do.


Sensei Tom Duquette a former student of Shorin ryu for over 10 yrs. now trains under Hanshi Martin. he rather teach Shotokan Karate-do then Kempo. but, he can teach Kempo very well. his wife is Sempai Allison Duquette. they both met at the old Dojo we had on Park Ave. in Cranston and got Married 3yr. ago