Shojukempo International Martial Arts Association USA HQ. USA


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All payments can be paid on the 1st & 5th of every month
@ 401-464-0344 or 401-580-4450
Student enrollment is for
3 months, $90 just to get in the door. monthly payments of $40 per month with a signed agreement form 

Adults & Teens 3 months, $120 just to get in the door. Unlimited classes $60.00 monthly.
Childrens Programs $30 a month
classes Mon. Wed. 6pm to 7:30pm
Group Rates: 30 or more students $10 per head.  but, must sign up for 3 months program!
Kobudo Ryu weapons $10.00 per class
Privite classes $20.00 an Hr.
classes $10.00 per class
Karate Uniforms black $30.00
Dojo Patch Shojukempo International $10.00
Kempo Patch $10.00
Okinawan Kempo Patch $10.00
T-Shirts $10 for 1 or $15 for 2 ( Red & Black only )
American Flag is Free only for the black uniforms
Ninja Warrers Patch free.
Advance Children classes 
Coming Soon! and new to our program is the  Black Belt Club.
Adults & Teens classes: 
Tue. Wed. 7:30pm to 9:00pm
starting in two all Black Belts Instructors Training course Thur. 7pm to 9pm
Weekly and Monthly Specials all the time!
Group & Family Rates on request!
All classes are conducted by Prof. Larry S.L. Martin,
Renshi Jeramy E. Martin-Devlin, Sempai Paul Connelly. Sampai Ali Duquette, Sensei Tom Duquette, Dr. H.T., Sempai Ed Marsello, Sensei James Coleman, Sempai Yusaf Yarbrough, Sensei Jim Batista.  all Instructors are Internationally & World Certified and Licensed